Electronic Signature Service based on digital certificates

You are accessing the portal   VALid  which offers the gateway functionality of electronic signature tools based on end-user digital certificates. This is a service that is offered to the set of applications of the Catalan Public Administrations as an integration bus with the different signature systems that the Consorci AOC offers. It is, therefore, a service that needs to be integrated by the user applications.

You can see a test of the functionality on the following page of  demo .

Information for integrators

The information available for integrators is the following:

In order to use this service, you must request the "Servei VALid- Servei de signatura amb certificat" by sending the  form, duly completed and signed, through EACAT, specifically in the section "Procedures", provider "Consorci AOC", "Request for serviceis AOC", procedure "Serveis Consorci AOC".